Back On The Mound Again

Chrissy Hilcken-Kempner's story is one of the emotional healing and absolute strength of a former collegiate Division I softball player who finished her college athlete program against all odds. Like many in the community, her lymphedema journey occurred during a critical period in her life as she transitioned from adolescence into adulthood.  The following blog... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday in Heaven to Daddy 

On November 4th we celebrated Happy Birthday in Heaven to my Daddy, Pete! 🎉🎁🎈🎂  This group, the blog, The Lymphedema Running Club, and my passion for advocacy and awareness were all inspired by and encouraged by him. It was all created in his honor in September 2015.  He had LE from 1974-2016. If you have... Continue Reading →

Beyond Limits: Endless Possibilites – Gisele

Gisele DeVarennes Aubé's story is a testament to the strength and will of the human spirit. The following blog post was written by her and shared as a member of The Lymphedema Running Club for which I am an admin of on Facebook. She gave me permission to post it on this blog. I hope... Continue Reading →

Living Life to the Fullest- Tina

Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group member, Tina Morrison Ciner, recently chaperoned a Relay For Life event. Tina has secondary LE in her arm.  She shared her experience as follows: Hey, I just chaperoned a Relay for Life event! I was there from 4:00 pm to 12:45 a.m. It was really cold & we walked laps to... Continue Reading →

Living Life to the Fullest – Josh

Yoga is probably one of the most universal forms of exercise and has proven to be very beneficial for many people with Lymphedema.  Yoga in the park? You've seen it done in movies, and I'm sure on several yoga DVDs. Heck, it's on my own personal bucket list. Well, this dude does it, Lymphedema dude Joshua. ... Continue Reading →

Living Life to the Fullest – Jennifer

Resuming the segment of the blog that features everyday Lymphies defeating the odds, the next post is about Jennifer from Zürich, Switzerland. Lymphedema affects people worldwide, and it is great to get an international perspective.  Here is Jennifer's story in her own words: "I am 26 years old and my LE was diagnosed when I... Continue Reading →

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