Lymphedema Reduction – Chasing The Setting Sun

I'm not a morning person at all. I know, I know, studies show that we should exercise in the morning when our cortisol levels are the lowest. Well, all due respect, Mr. Researcher, I ain't doin' it. I need my anti-inflammation sleep.  It really depends on how well I have slept the night before.   Sleeping... Continue Reading →

Breathing and Lymphedema – my CDT homework 

Before I tell you about my homework, I want to take you back in time. These memories are what comes to mind when I think about diaphragmatic breathing.  When I was in the 4th grade, my Mother came home from work one day with an ad in the newspaper (yes, newspapers were still around back... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Harvey TX Family Donation Request 

Friends,  I want to thank the entire Lymphedema community for their prayers, texts, and the incredible support you have demonstrated towards all in Texas impacted by Hurricane Harvey.   Unfortunately, the storm has impacted someone very dear to me. My mother's baby sister, Lydia, and her family sustained significant roof damage to their home. They... Continue Reading →

Make No Bones About It

I snapped a pic of my flare up.  Recently someone asked me, "What's an LE flare up?" The response was almost unanimous. An LE flare up is when you are extra swollen, extra achey, and usually in pain due to external forces like illness other than LE, barometric weather changes, prolonged sitting/standing from travel or work,... Continue Reading →

That Moment I Became An LE Awareness Billboard 

I ran/walked the equivalent of a 5K this past weekend in Houston, TX at Memorial Park. It has a popular jogging trail in one of the largest urban parks in the United States. About 3 million people visit it annually according to Google. I can't tell you how many runners and walkers read my #MOVETHATLYMPH... Continue Reading →

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