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Hello and welcome to the Lymphie Strong Groups! It is highly recommended by the Lymphie Strong team that you take a moment to read our rules prior to requesting to join us!  This is for the peace of mind of our current members.

This is a place for people living with lymphedema/lymphoedema to share positivity and find online support and advocacy information. Be nice, kind, respectful, courteous, & supportive. Avoid spamming. Most importantly, be a good closed group Facebook citizen by not sharing personal posts or photos that don’t belong to you outside of the group or share posts from other closed groups.  If you need more info on what that means, continue reading below under Approved/Unapproved Topics.

Failure to abide by the group rules will result in your removal and block without warning.


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Lymphedema can be an isolating condition without some type of support system.  Share your story and participate in group discussions.   Members actively posting and sharing are demonstrating courage and are often reaching out because they have no other place to share.  These groups are CLOSED for that very reason.

Show support for your fellow members in their achievements, however big or small. Respect the opinions, backgrounds, and experiences of others. There is ZERO TOLERANCE for cyber-bullying or harassment of any kind in the group or via private messaging.  

All members are welcome to share in the group provided they abide by the group guidelines.


These are online support groups. No medical advice is being implied or rendered. Consult with your own licensed physician or medical support team before making any changes to your health or lymphedema management plan. 


  • Anything Lymphedema (Excluding: MLM, Self Promotion, and Follow Trains)
  • Complex/Complete Decongestive Therapy
  • Compression
  • Pumping
  • Diet
  • For further topics see Lymphie Strong Patient Tips
  • Focus points include: POSITIVITY, PREVENTION, PROACTIVE MEASURES, and CAMARADERIE; as voted by the LSG group member poll



What is spam?  “Unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising,” If it’s not their group or their site, then they shouldn’t post without permission. 

Follow trains are not to be posted including vendors.

If you would like to share your social media sites, send a message to Lymphie Strong. It must be relevant to or in the context of LYMPHEDEMA.  Any self-promotion or repeated self-promotion will be deleted. 

Admins reserve the right to recommend vendor partners that give to lymphedema charities or otherwise help the community.


For the safety of LSG members, DO NOT repost content from within the group and post it elsewhere.  


Strictly no sharing of other groups posts or photos within LSG, especially if they are CLOSED.


  • Multi-level Marketing (Beachbody, Plexus, Isagenix, It Works, Thrive, Herbal Life, Essential Oils, or WHATEVER) – LSG has a strict Blanket Ban on the discussion and promotion of MLM brands.  All such posts will be deleted.
  •  MLM product plugging, solicitation, or events are not allowed. This creates tension with competing products and sellers which is counterproductive to the focus of lymphedema management.
  • If you are TROLLING via private messenger for MLM sales or other reasons and are reported for harassment, there is zero tolerance.  You will be BLOCKED without notice or explanation.

Private Messaging Abuse

What is private messaging abuse?  Private messages should not be used to:

  • Send unsolicited messages to promote your business or otherwise sell
  • Contact members who have explicitly asked you not to contact them
  • Contact members to “hit on” members or use the feature as a dating service
  • Attack, berate, belittle, insult, harass, threaten, troll, bullyor swear at fellow members or their views
  • Facebook suggestions for what to do if you are harassed – What should I do?


What is a troll? “To act as a troll” means to “a to antagonize (others) online by deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content.”  Sometimes a person doesn’t even know they are a troll, but that’s the definition.

Any post worded in a way to specifically cause tension or drama against a specific person, topic, or group will be deleted. If the admins have to delete two of your posts because they felt that they were created specifically to “stir the pot”, you will be removed from the group without notice and blocked.


VP Seneriz (Lymphie Strong)

  • Patient 23 years, bilateral leg + truncal LE, 3rd generation primary
  • LE Advocate and ambassador of various reputable organizations based in the US

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Finally, Lymphie Strong reserves the right to remove anyone for any reason.  If rules are violated, please report to the LSG Admin Team for investigation.

Wishing you great lymphatic health,

Lymphie Strong