#MOVETHATLYMPH 2017 FALL 60 Day Challenge

Hello Fall Pumpkin spice is back!! Oh yeah!  Let’s go Friday Night Lights, colorful leaves, candy corn, and hopefully cooler weather as the Fall season is upon us.  Many of us will feel some relief as the temperatures and humidity levels begin to drop. This is personally my favorite time of the year! For our... Continue Reading →

#MOVETHATLYMPH 2017 Summer 60 Day Challenge WINNERS!! 

Announcing the WINNERS of the #60DayChallenge!! It is my honor and pleasure to announce the names of the Lymphies that were the final winners of the #60DayChallenge to #MOVETHATLYMPH #LYMPHIESTRONG.   All winners adhered to all components of the challenge. There were 23 finalists eligible for the drawing which resulted in 627 POSSIBLE WORKOUTS OR MORE... Continue Reading →

What Would You Do If You Lost All of Your Lymphedema Compression In A Natural Disaster Like Hurricane Harvey?

What would you do if you lost all of your lymphedema compression, wraps, pump, in a FLOOD, HURRICANE, or other natural disaster? Like GONE. Swept away in water into the Gulf of Mexico 20 miles away or in a river (reservoir / pick your body of water) somewhere in E. coli or fire ant infested floodwaters.... Continue Reading →

FAQ – Kinesiology Taping for Lymphedema

I admin a few groups on Facebook.  One is called the Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group, and the other one is called The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club.  The inspiration group is for general lymphedema discussion, and the other obviously focuses on exercise and fitness.  In BOTH groups, however, we talk about a tool in our... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Harvey TX Family Donation Request 

Friends,  I want to thank the entire Lymphedema community for their prayers, texts, and the incredible support you have demonstrated towards all in Texas impacted by Hurricane Harvey.   Unfortunately, the storm has impacted someone very dear to me. My mother's baby sister, Lydia, and her family sustained significant roof damage to their home. They... Continue Reading →

Lymphedema’s Catherine The Great

Imagine being a pediatric cancer patient at the age of 8 with a rare survivable type. Yet, against all odds, you do manage to survive and are left with secondary lymphedema in the aftermath only to face a lack of pediatric lymphedema treatment options. This is the story of Catherine Rosenberg, which spans over 20... Continue Reading →

#MOVETHATLYMPH 2017 Summer 60 Day Challenge LEADERBOARD

Introducing the inaugural #60DayChallenge participants! These Lymphies have completed the first step of the #60DayChallenge to #MOVETHATLYMPH #LYMPHIESTRONG.  They are now on the leaderboard! Challenge Instructions** You can run, walk, swim, march in place, hike, do yoga, pilates, aquatic exercise, chair exercise, deep breathing, stretching, or any other activity your heart desires.  Dedicate at least... Continue Reading →

#MOVETHATLYMPH 2017 Summer 60 Day Challenge

Hello Summer Today is the first official day of Summer in the USA.  Summer is the hardest time for us Lymphies, so we need to stick together.  This is also the perfect opportunity to raise Lymphedema awareness for how tough it is for us in the summer. For our next #MOVETHATLYMPH challenge, we will do... Continue Reading →

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