Welcome to the Lymphie Strong blog.  This blog was created to give hope and inspiration to those living with Lymphedema.  On September 20, 2018 it celebrated its 3 year anniversary.  It was the day in 2015 that I went public for the first time with my hereditary Lymphedema condition and told my story on how I reduced in the following blog post:

Lymphedema Reduction: It is Possible

Since then, my perspective has changed dramatically, and I have met so many phenomenal people from around the world who have Lymphedema and are thriving despite its many hurdles.

What does Lymphie Strong mean?

It means Standing up to Lymphedema with all of your faith, power, and might.

Here you will find stories about people who have lymphedema and are thriving in spite of it, or doing their best to manage regardless of their stage or size. If you know of an inspirational story or have an inspirational moment, please share it.

I believe it takes a community of people to elevate a person with Lymphedema. We must continue to spread awareness and fight for a cure. As part of the awareness effort, I will also share general tips, information, and events as they happen in the Lymphedema community.  It is my hope that together we will be Lymphie Strong until a cure is found!